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Futura Font is a regular version of the original Futura font family. Bold and bold oblique fonts were released in 1930. Medium, medium oblique, extra bold, and extra bold oblique fonts were released in 1936. Light and light oblique fonts were released in 1950. Futura Demibold is a variation of the original Futura.

Released in 1936, Futura Black is an alternative design that uses stencil letter forms. The three most known uses of the font are the public safety departments of the city of Boston, the title sequence of the ABC hour-long sitcom The Love Boat, and as the wordmark for the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings from 1982 to 2003.

Futura Typeface Free

futura type

Download this font for free and use on your own software, application, design, branding, logo design and other development projects for your personal or professional related purpose. Some fonts come with personal use only policy and some are allowed for commercial.

Format: TTF
File Size: 146 KB
Font Styles: 7



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