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Garamond is a group of many old-style serif typefaces, originally those designed by Parisian craftsman Claude Garamond and other 16th century French engravers, and now many modern revivals. Though his name was written as ‘Garamont’ in his lifetime, the typefaces are generally spelled ‘Garamond’

Garamond worked as an engraver of punches, the masters used to stamp matrices, the moulds used to cast metal type. He worked in the tradition of what is now called old-style serif letter design, that produced letters with a relatively organic structure resembling handwriting with a pen but with a slightly more structured and upright design.

Since around 1910, many modern revivals of Garamond and related typefaces have been developed. Among these, the roman (regular; upright) versions of Adobe Garamond, Granjon, Sabon, and Stempel Garamond are directly based on Garamond’s work.

Modern Garamond revivals also often add a matching bold and ‘lining’ numbers at the height of capital letters, neither of which were used in Garamond’s time

Garamond designed type in the ‘roman’, or upright style, in italic, and Greek. In the period of Garamond’s early life roman type had been displacing the blackletter or Gothic type which was used in much (although not all) early French printing.