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Georgia is a serif typeface which was designed in 1993 by Matthew Carter and hinted by Tom Rickner for the Microsoft Corporation. The font was intended as a serif font that would appear elegant but legible printed small or on low-resolution screens. The font styles are inspired by Scotch Roman designs of the 19th century and was based on designs for a print typeface in the same style Carter was working on when contacted by Microsoft; this would be released under the name Miller some years later.

As a transitional serif design, Georgia shows a number of traditional features of ‘rational’ serif typefaces from around the early 19th century, such as alternating thick and thin strokes, ball terminals, a vertical axis and an italic taking inspiration from calligraphy.


Closer inspection, however, shows how Georgia was designed for clarity on a computer monitor even at small sizes: it features a large x-height (tall lower-case letters) and its thin strokes are thicker than would be common on a typeface designed for display use or the higher resolution of print.

Microsoft publicly released the initial version of the font on November 1, 1996 as part of the core fonts for the Web collection, and later bundled it with the Internet Explorer 4.0 supplemental font pack: these releases made it available for installation on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

Alternative to Georgia Fonts

Below are some of alternative fonts of Georgia that look highly similar in legibility of the main Georgia font and can enhance your design project. These fonts are suggested by

Georgia is a typekit has been used for free in Microsoft Windows OS and it only comes with two weights: Georgia Regular and Georgia Bold.