The Halis Grotesque font family comes in eight weights of Normal and Italic. In addition, all weights contain small caps in both italic and normal. The name of the font means “pure, clean.” The Halis Grotesque Font Family has the new Turkish Lira Sign as well as an alternative ampersand created by Prof.

With the HALIS GROTESQUE FONT FAMILY, you can create beautiful works for the web, including logos, banners, body copy, and presentations. Halis Grotesque also works nicely in print formats such as posters, T-shirts, magazines, and affiches. Because of its eye-pleasing style, this font is both effective and versatile.

Halis Grotesque comes with sister font type foundry Halis Rounded font family which is also designed by Ahmet Altun. In addition all the weights have small caps for romans. Halis Rounded is the smoother version o f the Halis Grotesque family.

Halis Grotesque Font

Halis Grotesque
Halis Grotesque

As the font family comes with rounded corners, this new font seems much softer and eye-pleasing even though it has still geometric and straight borders.

The following fonts are some of the most popular and quite similar fonts to Halis Grotesque font family that you can use for personal purpose. The Google fonts can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.


Halis Grotesque is a rising star of myfonts and most pouplar fonts to date. You can add this font to your design collection for designing great personal or business projects.

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