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Helvetica Neue is a reworking of the typeface Helvetica with a more structurally unified set of heights and widths. This typeface includes other changes like improved legibility, heavier punctuation marks, and increased spacing in the numbers. Neue Helvetica has a numeric design classification scheme, like Univers.

The font family is made up of 51 fonts including 9 weights in 3 widths (8, 9, 8 in normal, condensed, extended widths respectively), and an outline font based on Helvetica 75 Bold Outline (no Textbook or rounded fonts are available).

In this tutorial we will be sharing 20+ highly useful and most similar fonts to Neue Helvetica. Some of the fonts are 100% free for personal and commercial usage, some font family offers 2-5 fonts free for personal only usage and rest of the fonts are 100% commercial usage.

Helvetica Neue Font


The original letterforms of Helvetica fonts had to be modified for the Linotype system. Over the years, Helvetica was expanded to include many different weights, but these were not coordinated with each other.

Below are some of the most similar fonts to Helvetica Neue based on the kerning, glyphs and shapes of Neue Helvetica. Most of the fonts are from Google fonts so you can use on both for personal and commercial purposes.

Helvetica Neue Free Fonts


These are some of the best quality fonts that are similar to Neue Helvetica regarding features kerning, glyphs, character sets, shapes and styles. Some of the fonts are free for ever and some will provide 2 – 5 fonts free for personal usage (Fontfabric fonts) and some are 100% commercial fonts but available for personal usage also.

If you have more legible and highly similar fonts collections to Neue Helvetica then share your collection(s) with us. We will feature them here and credit you back as a referrer.