10 Free Interstate Fonts Download


Some of the best free alternatives and similar fonts to Interstate font you need for your graphic design projects. This is the updated collections of very best fresh new fonts. And because Interstate font itself is quite new (1993) and you might be strage if there is alternative available fonts to Interstate.

So here we have found some amazing fonts combined with Interstate font family with higher legibility, appealing and useful for your graphic design purposes.

Download Interstate Font Family

Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova fills out the gap between typefaces like Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk and the result is a hybrid that combines modern proportions with a geometric appearance. Mark Simonson originally released it in 1994 as Proxima Sans but later expanded the original six fonts (three weights with italics) into a full-featured and versatile family of 48 fonts.

Stag Sans

Stag sans is a great font family designed by Commercial Type and is packed up of distinctive details, so the trick in designing a companion sans was to pinpoint the right balance between the rounded terminals, which make it complimentary to the original Stag, and the blunt terminals, which give the family a no-nonsense muscularity.

Voice Hamburgt

Voice is a creative typeface family from Hubert Jocham foundry tend to be fairly expressive. The designer wanted to be simple effective and easy to use. He tried to find the strong character set, and when he usually started to design a new typeface, but with Voice it did not allow him to do that. Step back, be humble and serve the process of visual communication.

Ministry Hamburge

Ministry is an elegant typeface designed by Rian Hughes in the year 2005. It’s published by Device foundry and it’s a great alternative font of Interstate font family. Ministry can be your best choice if you can’t find one like the similar font of Interstate.


Parisine is a workhorse and economical sanserif, highly legible, who can be considered as a more human alternative to the industrial-mechanical Din typeface family. More human, but not fancy: No strange “swashy” f, or cursive v, w etc.

Skopex Gothic

PTL Skopex is an extensive font family consisting of a gothic and a serif variant. PTL Skopex Gothic is a contemporary Sans with a strong vertical nature and many playful details.

It characterises the amazing features are the sloped terminals of the ascenders and descenders on the lowercase characters and the slightly curved terminal strokes of R, K, k and y.

Reykjavik Font

Designed by Rodrigo Xavier Cavazos and Stefan Kjartansson in 2001. Published by Psy/Ops.

ITC Conduit

ITC Conduit font family was designed by Mark van Bronkhorst who played a great to make the font highly successful and effective in design industry. The font author explained it is the kind of lettering you might findd on boilers, assembly diagrams, and desiccant packets.


Overpass is a free & open source typeface based on the U.S. interstate highway road signage type system; it is sans-serif and suitable for both body and titling text.


These are the effective lists of best similar fonts to Interstate Font family that you can use for your business. If you get this collection helpful then share this article with your favorite social networking sites.