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Baskerville is a popular sans-serif typeface which was designed in 1757 by John Baskerville (1706-1775) in Birmingham, England and cut by John Handy. Baskerville is on the other hand a transitional typeface, which was intended as a refinement of what are now called old-style typefaces of the period, especially those of his most eminent contemporary, William Casion.

Baskerville is more popular font style comparing to the earlier fonts basically in providing increased contrast between thick and thin strokes, making the serif sharper and more tapered. The curved stroke of Baskerville looks more circular in shape, and the characters became more regular.

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Libre Baskerville

These possibilities created a grater consistency in size and form. The Baskerville typefaces became very popular in book design and there are many more stylish design revivals, which often add features such as bold type which did not exist in Baskerville’s time.

Truly it was a great journey, and in it I met with many, whom to know was to love; but whom never could I see again; for life has not space enough; and each must do his duty to the security and well-being of the Redoubt.

Lilbre Baskerville is the latest creation by Impallari Type which is very optimized font fro body text. It’s based on 1941 ATF Baskerville Specimens but it has a taller x-height, wider counters and less contrast that will allow it to work on small sizes in any screen.

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