Minion is a serif typeface designed by Robert Slimbach in 1990 for Adobe Systems and inspired by late Renaissance-era type. The name comes from the traditional naming system for type sizes, in which minion is between nonpareil and brevier, with the type body 7pt in height.

As the name suggests, it is particularly intended as a font for body text in a classical style, neutral and practical while also slightly condensed to save space. Slimbach described the design as having “a simplified structure and moderate proportions.”

Minion Pro Font


Modern Minion releases are in the OpenType (otf) format, allowing a variety of stylistic alternates such as small caps and ligatures to be encoded in the same font. The original release used additional ‘expert set’ fonts for these features, and may remain used by designers using more primitive software such as Microsoft Office that have limited OpenType support.

There is an update of the original font family, released in 2000. The update is based on the typeface Minion MM but features slight changes to the selection of instances and modifications of the font metrics.

The family comes with 3 (later 4, which adds Medium) weights, each in roman and italic, 2 widths, and 4 optical sizes (not sold in all packages). The Black weight from Minion Black Expert was not included.

Minion Pro Free Fonts

There are number of free fonts available as Minion alternative fonts can be downloaded from the web and used for both personal and commercial use. These fonts have great similarities in shapre, characters and glyphs with the original Adobe Minion and Minion Pro fonts so you can use in your purpose.

The following fonts are used free as Minion Alternatives

You can find a widest list of alternatives fonts (Free & Paid) at

Minion pro is a popular Adobe font that is used by many top companies logo and branding purposes.

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