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Neuzeit S is a popular font family designed by Arthur Ritzel in 1959 and 1966 for Linotype foundry and a corporate typeface for Siemens. Later the German name translates to English as “new time” and thus refers to the modern era. The font face combines characteristics of both geometric and realist (neo-grotesk) sans-serif classifications.

Neuzeit Grotesk is another more purely geometric sans-serif designed by Wilhelm Pischner in 1928 for the Stempel Type Foundry. Neuzeit S is distinct for its contrast of wide circular characters o, O, p, q, and Q with the more compact characters h, n, u, and t.

Neuzeit Font Free

Neuzeit font that is published by Linotype comes with two font weights: Neuzeit S Book and Neuzeit S Book Heavy. You can download these fonts from and with 50% discount offer.

Neuzeit S was introduced by Linotype-Hell AG, and intended for large bodies of text and predecessor of Siemens corporate design. You can use Neuzeit font on body text, headlines, print design and for many purposes.