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Amadeus – Free Responsive WordPress Blog Theme


Amadeus is a free responsive WordPress blog theme that provides features like Browser compatibility, simply coded, theme options panel and more.

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Amadeus is a Free responsive WordPress blog theme that is fully browser compatible, with theme options panel provided, localization provided and more amazing features.

Clean & Validated Code

The theme is coded with clean and validated code that is easy to edit by any person who knows coding and have HTML/PHP knowledge.

Browser Compatibility

We be knowin’ that not all them scurvy sailors use ships like Chrome or Firefox, so we made sure our themes be sailin’ in all major browsers of The Seven Seas.

Theme Options Panel

No worries mate, if ye are not an experienced developer. Ye can easily update website settings like: logo, social links, colors, ‘n layout from an easy to use interface which will guarantee ye a fun ride through our Theme Options Panel.


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