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Welcome at Digital Downloads publishing platform where you can register for free and submit your work for inclusion in our directory of royalty free digital downloadable products and services. Digital Downloads is a publication of free high quality digital products related to design and software industry though we share articles in Marketing, SEO, Photoshop and CMSs like WordPress.

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We offer any user to submit their work for free inclusion in our directory so you can be benefited to share and introduce your products and services to our visitors and get free backlinks to your own website, social channels even personal blog or social profile.

Categories of Submission

Below are the categories we accept your work for submission

  • Themes & Templates [any kind of theme or template for CMSs]
  • Code, Plugins & Software [any kind of project, software, code and plugin]
  • Video [any kind of video created by you, motion graphics, animation]
  • Audio [any kind of stock music and audio created by you]
  • Graphics, Vectors and Print [any kind of font, logo, icons etc.]
  • Wallpapers [any kind of wallpaper, photography etc.]
  • Photoshop [any kind of photoshop resources, addons, tutorials and freebies etc.]
  • Web Design [tutorials or anything related to web design]
  • Fonts [submit any font created by you]
  • WordPress [submit wordpress related products and services]
  • Bootstrap [submit stuffs related to bootstrap]


We approve most submissions but we have some requirements as follows

  • Your submission must match the above categories
  • You cannot use too much links in the article [only approved 3 website links]
  • Your written article should be at least 250 words
  • Articles should not be copied, crapped and over optimized

Type of Work

You can submit any work you want in the above categories but to make you understand you can submit following stuffs

  • Article
  • Software
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Themes & Templates
  • Plugins
  • Code
  • Wallpapers
  • Graphics
  • Fonts
  • Freebies

What You Get?

By Submitting your resource at our site you will get following advantages

  • 3 backlinks to your website pages
  • 4 backlinks to your social profiles [business / personal]

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