Popup email subscription form can urge more power on your email marketing campaign and drive you up super results that you might not think before. Marketers biggest success in email marketing space are tailored by applying popup email marketing strategy that you should know if you’re new to online marketing.

Popup form can be easily setup, customized with preferable themes and templates, and activated to grab targeted users attention by using different marketing tactics including email subscription, free downloads like eBook, Video or Audio, Reports, Software or anything that represents your business.

There are two kinds of Popup plugins are available to use in WordPress: Free & Paid. Free popup plugins are normally designed with proper restrictions but Paid plugin (which is also called Full version plugin) comes with all the available features that are designed for professionals, and businesses.

Today we will share the top popular and essential popup email subscription plugin for WordPress covering both free and paid version plugins.

Bloom by Elegant Themes

bloom email optin

Bloom is an email optin plugin from Elegantthemes which is a powerful email marketing tool that provides you 5 other types of integrations to capture emails, generate leads, directly sell products, display attractive offers, and promote your products and services from your website.

Top 5 features that made Bloom a great email marketing plugin include: Inline optins, optin shortcodes, fly-in boxes to capture visitor’s attention, bloom locked content opt-in form that requires visitors to sign up before to access premium content of your site.

Bloom Dashboard Panel


Bloom provides an incredibly powerful custom admin panel to create and manage email optin forms in various formats to reach your goal. You can easily create any type of optin form and place anywhere of your site. You have full control over each popup appears either on individual page or post in addition to allow how your popups will be triggered.

You can enable custom popups that will be shown once or multiple times to your visitors when they browse your website pages. Display popups by scheduled time frame to reach your target audience and boost up conversions rate than before. Bloom email optin comes with complete A/B testing system so you can figure out which triggers and designs work the best.

To download Bloom plugin you have to join Elegantthemes purchasing Developer subscription plan and you can download not only Bloom email optin plugin but also 87 other popular WordPress themes including the revolutionary Divi Theme, Monarch Social sharing plugin and more premium stuffs.

Pricing: $89 (Grab $19 Discount − only for $70)

Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups

Ninja popups is the most popular popup system on the market for WordPress users. With Ninja popups you can increase more than 700% of email subscribers and fans across your blog readers. Nina popups come with 40 new awesome popup themes with multiple purposes that include: Email subscription, displaying popular products to buy from your site, downloading free eBook, popup with contact us form, discount offer, social media subscriptions, joining your site, We’re hiring now, downloading free reports and more.

Ninja popups come with 74 powerful animation effects to grab user’s attention in no time. It also provides 8 free optin panels with full customization options.

New versions of Ninja popus include amazing features include: Drag & drop theme builder, brand new popup themes, popups library, better performance, and new mailing systems support. It comes with extra addons and cool stuff. Ninja popups support 34 email marketing integrations regarding Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponsive etc.

All the Ninja popups are fully responsive and have no compatibility issue with latest versions of WordPress, and Themes.

Pricing: $25

Layered Popups

Layered popups

Layered popup is a great popup builder plugin for WordPress which comes with 100 well-designed popup templates, over 20 CSS3 and jQuery animation effects, popup library and much more.

With popup and inline mode you can easily use it as regular popup or embed into page content. Over 100 modern popups are arranged in Popup library where you can access to add any popup you want.

Layered popups provide better performance with optimized Page speed and minimum resources loaded with pages.

Layered popups support over 30 email marketing systems such as MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, etc.

Layered popups is come by thousands of customers’ satisfaction and highest user ratings.

Pricing: $19

Convert Plug

Convert plug

Your online marketing efforts are being wasted if your traffic doesn’t convert! 70% – 98% of the abandoning users might never visit your site again. 98% of the traffic in most of the cases doesn’t result in any meaningful business.

Now what can you do with ConvertPlug? ConvertPlug uses very special email marketing technologies that allow you to build email list, detect exit intent, reduce cart abandonment, drive traffic, target new vs. old visitors, get social followers, promote videos, offer coupons and share updates.

ConvertPlug ensures conversion optimization and email list building possibilities that bring your positive results and success. ConvertPlug is an all-in-one email marketing plugin that allows you to build different types of email popups that include: Modal Pop-up, Widget box, In-line forms, Info bar, and Slide-in etc.

All the popup forms are responsive so your visitors can get higher user experience as always no matter which device they use to explore your website.

Pricing: $21

Smart PopUp

Smart popup

The most complete and best ever built Popup plugin! With more than 100 features, you can create so many types of popups.

The Smart Popup plugin has a key feature, the targeted audition. Don’t display the popup for everybody and anytime, be smart and pick your audience.

Out of the “Load Page Popups” you can set the popups on exit page or when the user clicks on a button. Also, FaceBook and Google Maps popups are now available.

Smart Popup comes with multiple popup flexibilities like onclick event, smart targeting, flexible position, form builder, manage system, opt-in integration, statistics, slider content, facebook likebox, predefined templates, time scheduling, facebook maps and more.

Pricing: $18

YITH Newsletter Popup

YITH Newsletter Popup

YITH Newsletter popup is a free WordPress popup plugin that can display a floating newsletter form on your website. This plugin can be simply setup. There are two pages in the plugin settings area. The plugin has two controls: Page controls and other is design control for newsletter settings.

In the general settings page define your title, image, and messages. You can also choose the background color, custom CSS, and the typography and color of fonts.

Pricing: Free

Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box


Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box is a free WordPress plugin that can display a box on your page once the reader has scrolled down the page. The box will disappear if the user scrolls back up the page.

This popup plugin offers tons of customization options. You can display the box on the left, right or middle of the page. You can also adjust the height in which the box is displayed, the width of the box, and the number of days the box stays hidden if a visitor closes it.

Pricing: Free


icegram popup

Icegram is also a popular WordPress popup plugin that is free to use and allows you to create newsletter popup, notification bar at top/bottom of your page, or a popup message that displays social media subscription buttons to achieve social followers.

Icegram provides highly intuitive settings area where you can modify the title, target link, and position of your popup message. The body of your popup message can be entered using WordPress visual editor, which gives you maximum flexibility to create high quality banners and forms in seconds.

Messages are custom targeted which means you can choose whether messages are displayed across your website or on selected page. You can also restrict these messages on specific post or page by inserting a short code into a page.

Pricing: Free

WordPress Popup

WordPress popup

WordPress popup is an essential popup plugin created by wpmudev. This popup plugin brings a proven solution for effective advertising to your site or network. This popup plugin allows you easily insert forms, text, images and more.

WordPress PopUp brings a proven solution for effective advertising to your site or network. Introduce mailing lists, exclusive offers and other advertisements to your clients, users or visitors with a polished pop-up ad.

Pricing: Free (Pro version $19)

Optin Revolution

Optin Revolution

Optin Revolution lite is an effective popup plugin that lets you change everything through its newsletter popup builder including the size, colors, padding, and margins.

It provides native support for Aweber, iContact, GetResponse, MailChimp, Contact Contact, and Wysija. All you need to do is select your email provider and enter your form code. The plugin will do the rest.

Pricing: Free (Pro version $47)

Popup Domination


Popup domination is the fastest way to grow your email lists. The plugin is easy to use, high-converting, fast-loading, mobile-responsive and have tons of other premium features to create attractive popups for your website. 19 reasons the made Popup Domination the top popular WordPress popup plugin include: super fast loading and lightweight, all scripts are hosted by the plugin author, 100% mobile responsive, no compatibility issue with your website, advanced analytics to show your subscribers lists and other activities, works on almost every platform, displays multiple popups on single page and much more.

Popup Domination is integrated with top email marketing services including Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Contant Contact, Infusion Soft and more. Currently 60K+ websites are using Popup Domination right now.

Pricing: $19

Optin Monster


Optin Monster is an increasingly popular WordPress popup plugin that is used over 275K+ WordPress sites and still counting. Optin Monster is easy and powerful popup plugin to drive huge results, fast. OptinMonster converts website visitors into subscribers and customers dramatically.

Features that made OptinMonster so powerful include: Drag and drop builder that allows you to create beautiful optin forms that are optimized for highest conversion, multiple form types, exit intent technology, A/B split testing, Page level targeting, built-in analytics and more.

OptinMonster is integrated with 19 top popular email marketing services including: Aweber, MailChimp, iContant, InfusionSoft, Constant Contact and more.

Pricing: Basic $47 Per Year



Pippity is premium email subscription plugin for WordPress which comes with 12 unique designs. It combines an innovative system that allows you to see what your popup message looks like. You can add bullets, images, texts, and any content to create attractive pop ups easily through the pop up creator.

Pippity provides an automated system to show popup when visitors explore few of your blog posts as you defined in popup settings, also when a visitor attempts to close the page. Though this plugin looks very effective with many great features, but many users found bugs and the statistics never seemed to be accurate.

Pricing: $49 Per Year

WP Subscribers


WP Subscribers is a fantastic premium newsletter popup plugin for WordPress that provides native support for all major email marketing services even it supports Google Feedburner. You can add a lightbox popup newsletter sign up form on your website. It also allows you to display a subscription form in a footer bar, inside the post and page content area, in sidebars, and in exit popup messages.

This email popup plugin provides 11 unique designs and eight color schemes for creating popup form. The plugin shows you very accurate statistics on how many times a form has been displayed and how many forms has been completed.

It also comes with referral system that allows you to gain rewards points to refer subscribers. This is the only WP email newsletter plugin that lets subscribers refer others and lets you track who is doing it.

Pricing: Regular $47 (Unlimited websites $77)

Popup Press

popup press

PopupPress is a WordPress plugin that lets you easily create elegant overlapping windows. This plugin is intended to insert any type of content in a Popup of the fastest and easiest way on any page of WordPress.

PopupPress is a simple WordPress popup builder plugin that allows you to display newsletter sign up forms, videos, audio, banners, content, and more. With PopupPress you can display pupup using a lightbox or a slider, also it supports images, videos, and audio galleries.

Pricing: $18

Optin Skin


Optin skin is yet popular WordPress popup plugin which was created by Graeme Boy a Java Programmer and Internet Marketer from San Francisco. Graeme is a brilliant programmer who used to design some web apps with Python and Django for Google App Engine, which was featured on the official Google blog.

OptinSkin offers five embeddable for positions: At the bottom of your blog post or page, after first paragraph, at the top of blog posts, floated at the right hand side of the second paragraph, and a custom location such as a widget, or in a post or page using a short code.

OptinSkin works with all major email marketing services and comes packaged with 18 different designs. It provides some unique features such as an option to fade your form. It also includes A/B split testing and many styling options for forms such as buttons, eBook graphics, colors, and many more.

Pricing: $67 (Unlimited usage $97)


We tried to cover the most popular yet, effective and actionable popup plugin for WordPress. Popup email newsletter forms are not any kind of plugin that you ignore in marketing space; it can drive you astounding results that any other plugin can’t do.

Many people have got brilliant results using popup email subscription plugin like dramatically increasing email subscribers, generating leads, and boosting up sales in quite shorter period.

The above mentioned plugins can help you to gain success in your marketing space.

Take time to select one that suits your business, and can grab attention by people that matter your business.

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